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Juni 24, 2009

Benefits For Health.

Maintain heart health.
Akan eating flavonoid-rich foods can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Survey, flavonoid in chocolate thus maintaining heart health as prevent LDL oxidation. Flavonoid in chocolate also act as antioxidants.

Stimulate the body's immune system.
By producing more sitokin (protein produced as part of the body's immune system), the chocolate useful in stimulating the body's immune system.

Exposed to lower breast cancer risk.
Based on the research Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromso, Norway, in the International Journal of Cancer, mengonsumsi 3 or more glasses of milk every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer in affected women pramenopause.

Presumption Error!!!!!!!

1. Chocolate causes damage to the primary teeth (caries).

Dental damage resulting from the remnants of food that is not cleaned. To avoid this, always wipe the teeth immediately after eating chocolate.

2. Ice cream causes cough and runny nose.

Not True! when entering the mouth, ice cream immediately melt. This is because, due to the individual's body temperature mengonsumsinya. When temperatures go down dramatically, still more ice cold water. People with sore throat, tonsil, or asthma, avoid ice cream!. Third disease can relapse when the temperature is cold.

Ice cream HIGH Nutrition Value

Ice cream nutrition value is high. Materials used in making ice cream, including milk fat, milk, without fat (skim), cream, sugar, to stabilize the material, the emulsion, and taste. At least 100 grams of ice cream based on milk that has 110-130 calories with the protein matrix 2,5-3 grams.

Juni 22, 2009

Million Savor Ice Cream

Many people do not like that with chocolate and ice cream, with the reason so fear weight increased. especially women in the diet. Because both the actual calorie food is very high.

In fact! many benefits in these two types of food. Among them, according to research conducted, chocolate and ice cream can feel calm and comfortable and satisfied after eat.Feeling calm and comfortable, comes from the caffeine in the chocolate, even if it is not caffeine coffee. Theobromine combined with the womb of a vasodilator, which causes blood vessel dilation.

Benefits!, Muscles can become comfortable, and the flow of blood to the heart of the well. Lost so angry.

Special ice cream can be seen the result based on Institute research psychiatry London, UK. Some volunteers feel more comfortable confessing mengonsumsi after the ice cream. In fact ice cream to give a positive impact on the orbitofrontal cortex, which is the front part of the brain to analyze things.
Sense of calm and comfort is very likely caused by calcium, because the main ice cream is cream milk contains a lot of calcium. Calcium trusted to give effect to the muscle relaxation. This is what allows one to feel calm and comfortable feeling after consuming ice cream.

Juni 20, 2009

Civilian Internet - How to Generate Money from the Internet

At any posts that I am at this time, I retrieve it from the civilian Internet eBooks,
ie there are 7 ways make money from the Internet. namely:
- Website content
- Resale right
- Product creation
- Affiliate marketing
- Forum
- Domain parking
- Services

May in any posts is not possible this time I can discuss everything,
I will explain the One, ie, services. one of the services
that can generate money is to create website content.

The first one may be my criticism is Website Content,
How to generate money from the website content more than ads
by in the website, the website because the content itself is the focus
to provide information free of charge to the owner of such website content
akan more to give. For example a good blog is

If you directly access there clearly visible on the right and left of the website is filled so many banner-banner.
Remember that blog and website portal is also included in the website content,
blog tool also provides information such as a portal website especially
The owner of the website content to provide more focus must first receive the new

of the cost of advertising from other people who are interested to
ads on the website.

My suggestion for those who want to choose this path: More Money than Time
(I do not have money to ga is also yah; p) As for the update
content during the early-early time of course need your own, never
Outsource the things that had not yet been produced, as before
the cost you need to have a more advance how you will ROI
get. Once you get profit from there, you roll a new profit
to hire GhostWriter (Author shadow) to continue
content on your website.

So I'm from, if you find this useful and want to get tips
and other tricks, I have a friend, internet marketing expert, Peter Kohar
eBooks akan share of its civilian Interent for Free
please visit http://

Juni 19, 2009

TDW University - Why The Rich, the rich

Wealth is the same as the ability to continue to survive
with a lifestyle that is, without having to work.


I conducted research by Gallup International showed that
average executive capital of Asia & rich are able to survive 90 days
lifestyle of tomorrow when he stops working. After that they
must start selling assets or debt.

Rich is relative. Some people feel rich when have money
10 million rupiah. Some people feel richer even if not already have
10 billion cash. According to Forbes magazine's rich are people who have
1 million U.S. revenue over the year. Meanwhile, according to Robert T. Kiyosaki
a quote from Buckminster Fuller that the teacher is not how rich
most active income you rich but if passive income is more
most of the cost of living. Passive income is money that is here
without having to go to work.

Mike Tyson as a comparison, he produced 300 million USD during the fight,
but this day the wall and still owe 35 million USD. So, actually Mike Tyson
not including the rich, including in the category who is not rich
is the people who have the 1 million USD / year but the expenditure
1.2 million USD / year.

This important question is:

1.) When you stop working tomorrow, how long you can survive with
your current lifestyle without having to sell assets-your assets?

2.) Then how can we rich version of the Robert T. Kiyosaki where passive
income greater than the cost of living?

So actually according to Robert T. Kiyosaki, is how to create rich
passive income is greater than the cost of living.

How to create passive income:

- Royalty of copyright
- Home is rented
- Share-stock a dividend yield
- Reksadana
- Efforts that resulted in a

Make a series of plans of your passive income. Something that you like and you can

do it while you do what you do now.
And to obtain additional material eBooks "24 Principles Miliarder the Mencerahkan"
Rp. 250.000, -, and 3 Day seminar Financial Revolution Rp. 4,933,500, --
by Tung Desem Waringin can get you in:

So actually according to Robert T. Kiyosaki, is how to create rich
passive income is greater than the cost of living.

How to create passive income:

- Royalty of copyright
- Home is rented / dikostkan
- Share-stock a dividend yield
- Reksadana
- Efforts that resulted in a

Make a series of plans of your passive income. Something that you like and you can

do it while you do what you do now.
And to obtain additional material eBooks "24 Principles Miliarder the Mencerahkan"
Rp. 250.000, - by Tung Desem Waringin can get you in:
TDW University - Tempat Anda merevolusi Hidup , Bisnis dan Keuangan Anda

Juni 18, 2009

TDW University - Conducting and LEARN from the Open

How are you you today? Hopefully always terrible.

Many people in this world would like to once successful, they said that already do their best, they have struggled and worked day and night each field, even beyond some people. But I have only one question, has we learn from the best / has been successful ....
Because each person is always a success and have a standard way of working with many different people. In fact in life, you can not just do the best, but also learn from the best. This is the key to your success. Read more at: (in Indonesian)

I know some of you are still free to decide to study at the University TDW. You might think, is that science is taught is useful and quality.
I will not say long-winded, but I want to share about what is said by the teachers say about the top of the world Tung Desem Waringin. Read more at:

Anthony Robbins (Success Trainer World no 1)
Robert T. Author Kiyosaki Best Seller book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
Jay Abraham (Marketer Genius World no 1)
Mark Victor Hansen - Author Best Seller book "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

And last, if you do not know all the above. You will know that our testimony below.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (President of RI to-6)

"... I want to give up the depth of appreciation of knowledge and creativity in the field of marketing brethren, that are fully in this book Marketing Revolution. Concepts, ideas and ideas which you show in this book, be understood by anyone eligible to become more productive and more successful in their lives. I would like to submit that, our country needs innovators are like brother and motivator, which can be a source of inspiration and reference for the wider community, in building the future of the nation's better ... "

Read more at:
Now you can have the opportunity to do their best and learn from the best.

Dahsyat, Greeting,
Kristanto Powered By Tung Desem Waringin

Juni 17, 2009

Sony Ericsson C 901

The version of Greenheart and Naite

Two latest Sony Ericsson mobile phone ready to be marketed, in the category C 901 series. Marketed in two versions, namely
Greenheart and Naite. Both delengkapi with this handset features a friendly environment. As components of the
from plastic materials which can be recycled. Water borne paint and packaging material that economic-friendly.

2.2 inch screen QVGA, resolution 240 x 320 pixels
Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
Dualband HSDPA (900/2100)
5 MP camera with xenon flash
120 MB internal memory
External microSD memory card slot

The Naite:
2.2 inch screen QVGA, resolution 240 x 320 pixels
Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
HSDPA 2100 MHz
2 MP camera with xenon flash
100 MB internal memory
External microSD memory card slot

Please specify your own choice and your taste. Support the use of campaign materials which can be recycled.
So that the world does not stand where we met with hazardous waste. (kr 15)

Juni 16, 2009

Samsung E 1107

Samsung E 1107
Handphone Solar Cell

First in the world .........
Samsung issued a new product label with a Samsung 1107 E Crest Solar.
Low-end mobile phone with the rather interesting features. Network supports dual band GSM (900 / 1800 MHz.).
Equipped with a field to receive the sun's energy on the back of the mobile phone.
Can be used to fill the 800 mAh battery energy.

With the 1 hour long. Battery energy can be used to talk for 5 to 10 minutes.
How to charging with dried under the hot sun. In addition, this mobile phone is also in complete
with other interesting features, among others:

1:52 inch CSTN screen 65 thousand colors, resolution 128 x 128 pixels.
FM Radio, MP3 Ringtones.
built-in flash light, mobile tracker.

Marketed in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Can be found at the end of the market started in June 2009. (kr 15)

Juni 15, 2009

TDW University - Investment Neck Facing up to Change

Life is full of changes that only God's eternal, the change itself and the law natural. Search for how the money was from time to time continue to change. Now it appears many millionaire (in U.S. $) from the new Internet, from businesses who have never heard before.
Not a few people who fall in rich-poor, or even the poor who grow poorer, because they did not want to learn again to face the changes. And hold the money in a way that long, does not want to learn again to stop the trend at this time.

Have you ever heard the words Benjamin Franklin? He is a scientist who is very respected by the United States spark of human rights and the declaration of independence in the United States, so the pictures have the money $ 100 bills, which is the largest in the U.S.. Benjamin Franklin once said that every dollar invested to the head (learn more), in the mind will return billions of dollars in our pockets.
That's why I continue to study in the University TDW and continue to invest up to the neck, because I sure will add to my income. When I learn from that success, then I am sure will be successful.

My question, which produced more over the neck or the neck down? many people in this world prefer to use the money for the benefit of the neck down, that is, buying new clothes, new cars that will not be able to increase their wealth. Meanwhile, if they dare to invest in the neck upwards, to learning about the property, business, shares and internet, they can multiply their wealth
Did you know when you add the income from the 5 nearest you and you for 5, then that is the amount of your earnings. Without thinking patterns you realize your friends about money will affect you, so that you will be the same with them. What if your friend is not a multi miliarder or miliarder? Of course, their style of thinking is a way of thinking style of a millionaire.

I not forbid you interact with the poor, I also interact with anyone. But a matter of mindset when talking about money, make sure you socialize, sharing and learning with the right person
And how do you move from the wave into the wave of the poor people rich?
I have 2:
  1. mingle with the rich
  2. learn and continue learning
The rich continue to learn and grow, for example, I very impressed with the Mr. Lukminto Owner PT. Sritex in Solo, Indonesia, knowledgeable manufacturer only 100 hectares and is the largest manufacturer of military clothing world. Even the house was by the two presidents, namely Mr. SBY and Mrs. Megawati. Mr. Lukminto this just want to continue to study and learn. Even invite Mr. Tung Desem Waringin to talk in his factory.

So also with Mr. Teguh Kinarto in Surabaya who have property company, he continues to learn that their children are also inspired to continue learning. I know the poor are always knows everything, does not want to learn and always have a thousand reasons not to do eventually learn to make them learn and not afraid to invest. And that is why they continue poor, because it can not see the opportunity, to allocate the money, and invest well.

Meanwhile, the rich always want to continue to learn, even does not matter to anyone I have better ideas than him. They pay for the study, people stand a far better-off to learn knowledge. Therefore, he is rich because the rich understand the pattern. Therefore I continue to allocate money, energy, thought, time to learn the routine continues sciences do best, so I believe certainly rich, are rich and will continue to take time, energy, money, thought to study business, property, shares, internet and will continue to learn anything that can make me become more rich. This is my thoughts Trilyuner....!!

Similarly with you, always be committed to the study and invest. For that commitment as a public "I will continue to invest for the neck upwards, to multiply the wealth I! I thought this Trilyuner "

Submit your e-mail to get a ticket seminars and e-Book 24 Principles Milliarder. FREE!, Only 100 people for success as you!

Click the Link:
Take Action !!!!!
Salam Dahsyat,
By Kristanto Powered Tung Desem Waringin

Juni 14, 2009

TDW University: What's In It For Me?

So many people ask what it TDW University, and what value added they can take from TDW University?

Just like you I want to be FREE, financially and personally ... and I have reason to be very STRONG and Free Success! How can I find out about you? Because you are here, find out how to build your life impikan, where I also seek to self I own!
And the only difference between us is, I find some startling discovery during a trip I, learn a few secrets that are very important, and meet people right ... This, combined with determinasi and a very strong reason for me to be successful. When you reach the financial freedom and personal impikan you, you will suddenly realize that you do not want more, except to restore and provide added value so that it can touch the lives of many.

I really want you to benefit from MAXIMAL get direct access to ALL the things I have learned, discovered, and didevelop for many years .. All secrets, techniques, thought patterns, beliefs and systems ... and I really want to be able to share with you a secret-a secret from those who are expert in financial, marketing, business, property that has become close friends ... I also
How you'd like the freedom and financial success for you?
Now you can hold the key to success in the, The next step is in your hands!
I see the revolution as a step My ...

Greeting Dahsyat,
TDW University
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Juni 13, 2009

SMS Tips Avoid Fraud !!!

Many scams using SMS, with a prize rewards arouse. We are requested to contact the number that serve as the customer service number. In the end we are given account number and we requested a number of money transfer first new prize to be sent. Gifts do not come, the money fly.

Following simple tips me, if the SMS in the sweet, bitter in the wallet:

  • Not so easy to believe it. Report directly to the nearest service office in accordance with the mobile phone card that we used.
  • Fraudster who seems himself "operator", usually we do not know the name. While the identity of all we have registered. Check our full name. This could be the source of the fraud detection.
  • Do not reply to a SMS with the easy to promise anything. SMS or its contents that "you get a voice message, to listen to the type: TP Mobile Phone Tax Fraudster tell" to a certain number. That's just preposterous decay of smart people who have mobile phones but can not afford to buy credits.
  • If we are not busy reporting all suspicious to the SMS service. To have used the number blocked. Not to be used by fraudster. Because, could be the next victim is the nearest that we love most, sister, relations.

Happy trying, I'm sure there will be benefits that we can quotation. Life is indeed difficult but not contrived a headache ... ... .. (Slank) (kr 15).

Juni 12, 2009

Lasting Battery

Sometimes we have found that mobile phone battery can be up to many years and can still be used normally. Sometimes also have a battery, a new use for several months already can not be used again.

Once again, I have simple tips that without the luxury of:

  • Keep up the battery should not drop, a concussion. Because the battery will be damaged physically.
  • Turn off the phone when the battery akan release. Note the paltry, because we often forget to turn off mobile phones during akan remove the battery. Battery performance will decrease dramatically with.
  • Do not put the battery under direct sunlight.
  • Keep up the battery should not come into contact with objects made of metal. Because it can cause short flow.

Simple tips so that I can share with you, hopefully there is useful.

Juni 11, 2009

Memory Effect

Same with the memory on the human brain.
Overview: if we charge the battery as much as 60% of total capacity, the battery will be a time forget there is still space left as many as 40% that have not been filled. 60% of the battery is 100% the same as the battery is fully charged. Loss is not it?
Please note this device only on the battery type and NiCD Nimh. (kr 15)

Reduce Consumption Batteries

With simple techniques we can save the battery consumption. Here are tips to save battery consumption, and will automatically extend the age of the battery.

Without the luxury of simple tips:
  • Turn off the sound that does not sound as important keypad, camera, sound when flip is opened.
  • Do not use the mode resonance is too long. Resonance mode in the mobile phone consume battery power very much. Should just use the ringtone volume low at the time the meeting. Or use the silent mode.
  • Set the backlight if not used mobile phones. For example, in order to set backliht mobile phone does not die if touched in 2 minutes.
Hopefully useful and helpful. (kr 15)

Juni 10, 2009

How to Care Handphone Batteries

Batteries like the breath of life on a mobile phone. Must be fed regularly, if not drop your mobile phone is the breath, so if the battery is broken, ill-handphone akan weakly. Large project can be separated if the battery lives half breath.

Or do not realize the battery is often forgotten, the very existence is absolutely necessary as supllier energy for our mobile phones.
As we know, there are several types of batteries that we recognize the NiCd (Nickel Cadmium), Nimh (Nickel Metal Hydride), Li Ion (Lithium Ion), and Li-Po (Lithium Polymer).

Explore with us the type of battery:


Handphone battery first edition, large capacity, suitable for mobile phones equipped with a big old. According to the size and capability, the process of the rechargeable energy also making. NiCD battery is safe to fill in the back on the energy right now - right out, because the battery has memory effect, which should fill in at right - if not empty properly, the capacity will decrease.


Still have a memory effect but is more flexible than in the NiCD. Can fill in the back without having to wait for energy truly exhausted, the consequences will be felt, the energy needed. Only filled again, done.


Without memory effect, we can cash out without waiting for energy. This battery has a life cycle is shorter. If excessive battery charger in this one will go down capability.


New Generation! Friendly environment. Better battery than the other. Because this battery is "Liquid", we must be extra careful. If you get the hard pressure of the battery can be changed. Do immediately without waiting for the rechargeable battery energy is completely exhausted. If not handphone akan difficult because the battery is not fully recover. (Kr 15)
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